We are in the process of developing a truly Integrated Rapid Transit Network (IRTN) that will assist to make connecting the people of Ekurhuleni with their jobs, friends, family etc. more convenient, accessible and cost effective.
The IRTN will be yet another example how the City strives to live out there mission Statement: Ekurhuleni provides sustainable and people-centred developmental services that are affordable, appropriate and of a high quality. We are focused on social, environmental and economic regeneration of our city and communities, as guided by the principles of Batho Pele and through the commitment of a motivated and dedicated team. Join us on the journey as we roll out the IRTN across the City!
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Fast Facts

Trunk Routes

These are routes where the Harambee bus will run in a dedicated lane that is only for the Harambee buses. The stops on the trunk route are situated in the middle of the road and are referred to Median stations.


Complimentary routes assist with carrying passengers between two nodes (points of interest). An example of a complimentary route is the current service between station 20 (Corner Oranjerivier Drive and Zuurfontein Road) and Isando. The Complimentary route buses will run in normal traffic. The routes will have kerb side stops that will be marked with Harambee bus shelters or Harambee poles.

Feeder routes

Feeder routes assist with carrying passengers within the vicinity of a certain node from their destination to and back from the trunk route. For example: a feeder route will travel in the vicinity of station 7 (Station at Rabasotho Hall) collecting passengers and then dropping them at Station 7. The feeder buses will run in normal traffic. The routes will have kerb side stops that will be marked with Harambee bus shelters or Harambee poles.

Pedestrian Bridges

The median stations are based close to intersections to ensure that there is safe crossing for the pedestrians to reach the stations. At certain areas where the roads are extremely busy the Harambee BRT have opted to erect pedestrian bridges. These bridges assist the pedestrians to safely cross from the side of the road to the station and vice versa. Lifts are installed at all the pedestrian bridges to make it universally accessible. Once Phase 1 is operational the service will have six pedestrian bridges that will be based at:

  • Oranjerivier Drive and Zuurfontein Road
  • Bergrivier Street and Zuurfontein Road
  • Ossewa Street and Zuurfontein Road
  • Nyathi Street and Andrew Mapheto Drive
  • Dan Nkabunde Drive and Andrew Mapheto Drive Benji Street and Andrew Mapheto Drive.