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The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) exist of 9 towns and 17 townships. Historically the City has always experienced trouble with public transport as it covers a vast terrain. Since 2008 the CoE have been working on the Integrated Rapid Transport Network (IRPTN) to connect the City through public transport.

At the heartbeat of the IRPTN is the CoE own Bus Rapid Transport system called Harambee. Harambee will be golden thread that will tie the IRPTN together.

Harambee in Swahili means working together. The Harambee system is just another example of how Ekurhuleni is dedicated in providing a sustainable and people-centred developmental service that is affordable, appropriate and of high quality. This service is focused on social, environmental and economic regeneration of our city and communities.

The IRPTN with Harambee as its heartbeat will connect people of Ekurhuleni with their jobs, schools, families and many more. This will be done by Integrating all forms of transport (Walking, cycling, taxis, trains etc) into the Harambee system. The IRPT Network will assist in connecting Ekurhuleni into one unified Metro City that will work together in order to better the lives of each of its residents. 

The Harambee Team visiting schools
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